For Veterinarians

Our hospital is designed to function as an extension of the services you, the family veterinarian, provide to your clients. Our dedicated group of emergency clinicians are available to you every night, weekend, and major holiday of the year. Our goal is to provide the highest quality emergency and critical care to your patients while working intimately with both you and your clients.

We’re available for you and your clients when:


  • A client has an emergency with their pet outside of your regular office hours.

  • A patient requires an examination or surgical procedure at a time that is impractical or inconvenient for you and your staff.

  • You feel a patient requires intensive care or monitoring, including overnight and/or weekend case supervision.

  • A patient requires advanced life-support equipment such as continuous oxygen administration, ventilation, or blood pressure monitoring.

  • A patient requires or may require administration of blood products or constant rate infusion drug therapy.

  • A client prefers that his or her pet receive overnight post-surgical or post-anesthesia monitoring and supervision of potential or realized complications and/or pain management.

  • A patient is recovering from surgery or anesthesia and you recommend overnight monitoring for patient safety.


Our hospital has been specifically designed for emergency and specialty care to allow close patient monitoring. We have invested in advanced equipment to provide state-of-the-art care for your patients; our doctors have the latest tools to diagnose and treat patients most effectively. Treatment and observation data are carefully documented to allow monitoring of patient trends and superior nursing care. Our team of highly trained doctors and technicians truly care about the outcome of every case.


Please note that we do not provide vaccinations or perform routine health procedures at our facility. Our practice is designed to support, not compete with, your general veterinary practice. Clients visiting our hospital are asked to identify their family veterinarian, allowing us to fax our detailed, typewritten medical record to the referral veterinarian for follow-up on the case. If a client has not yet established a relationship with a local veterinarian, we attempt to assist him or her in doing so using our detailed map of veterinary practices throughout the county. Once a family veterinarian has been selected, we fax a referral note and the patient’s medical record.


We believe that, by working closely with you, our referring veterinarian, we are able to create a coordinated team of medical professionals, providing patients with the best possible comprehensive medical care.